Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website!

Given the overwhelming amount of support we have received on Facebook, we here at Advocate Recovery, have decided to invest in a website for our growing community. I have enlisted the help of a few other people who are more qualified than myself on the advocacy side of these things. I suppose it is somewhat appropriate to tell you who these folks are and a little bit about why you can trust them to give you accurate, and hopefully encouraging information. Since the inception of our Facebook Page, we’ve taken pride in inspiring folks in their recovery, but have also taken pride in our professionalism.

This all started with my Aunt, who put in the hard work necessary to become an Advocate. My Aunt Pennie–last name Tackett, maiden name Shively–is like many of you. She has suffered greatly from addiction, not of her own doing, but as a sister and a mother.  Starting after my father–her brother–died of a heroin overdose in December, 2011 and going through the unfortunate events that come with watching a son become addicted, my aunt Pennie has been a true advocate for drug addicts. She studied hard and networked to gain the credentials and contacts, she needed to really make a difference in peoples lives. She has worked with addicts in a professional role in both detox and mental health facilities. Her advocacy for legislation to give families more legal power over addicts lives and her protest for needle exchanges to prevent HIV, were published by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

A friend of mine, Cayla Hanes, who is, like many of you and myself, a former addict. Has also agreed to aid me in this cause. I remember Cayla in school, being one of the smartest kids in my class. I distinctly remember her being friendly to me, welcoming me to a new school at the beginning of my 4th grade year. She was the girl who always carried a book in her hand, on a constant search for knowledge. A child who likes to read, is a rare thing to find, and it’s no surprise to me at all, that she has grew up to be as articulate, eloquent, and as thoughtful as people come. Since hitting rock bottom and catching a few felonies, Cayla has dedicated her life to her daughter and her recovery. She has done such a great job sharing her story on social media, and at meetings that she is becoming a sort of rock star, getting requests from people, to speak publicly about her journey. She is currently working towards the credentials she will need to be a professional counselor, and she, like my aunt Pennie is a true advocate for the addict. I have no doubt she will achieve anything she sets her mind too and is a great asset to us all to draw from.

And then there is me. My name is James C. Shively, many people know me as simply J.C. Shortly before having my first son in 2013, I gave up a decades long drinking binge, that resulted in my making a lot of poor decisions. I decided to add to the Digital Media education I received in 2005 by going to University and since have obtained a degree in Multimedia, a minor in History, and I am nearly finished with a B.A. I’ve been an avid writer–whether or not I’m a good one has yet to be seen–for as long as I can remember. I have been affected by addiction both ways: as an alcoholic and addict myself and as collateral damage when I lost my father in 2011, and my best friend Jeremy in 2015.

It is our hope that we can turn Advocate Recovery into an online magazine for alcoholics and addicts and their families; driven by alcoholics and addicts and their families. Our mission here simple: “advocate addiction recovery, through inspiration.”  We hope by sharing our journey, and your journey, we can give hope to those that need it most right now. We, along with your help, want to show people that “relapse doesn’t have to be a part of their story.”

Through a series of different essays and journals, starting with one we’re going to call the “Rock Bottom Chronicles,” we are going to ask you, our loyal followers, to tell us about your story. We know there are many talented addicts out there. Here we want to share that talent with others. You can have your stories, poems, or simply whatever it is on your heart, published on our site, simply by going to our Facebook page and leaving us a message, or by sending us an email. (advocaterecovery@yahoo.com) You can do this anomalously or with you name on it, which ever you prefer. It’s so simple, you could type out your story from your phone.

Short or long essays, diaries, thoughts, poetry, music, art whatever you got, telling us all what is weighing heavily on your heart. Of course, in time we want to challenge folks a little, by giving out subjects in which to write about, like “Intervention” or “Whats In My Future? But for now, the “Rock Bottom Chronicles” will be our way sharing whatever lies heavy on your heart.  It is our hope, that in time, counselors and administrators in residential and outpatient programs, will include our platform in their programs as a supplement to the therapy they’re receiving; as writing and creativity, and expression, are so often forms of healing for us all. This is also for the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, who have lost hope as well, we want to give you hope, we want you know, people do change for the better, and there are many examples to prove this. We’re all so vulnerable, some people have no faith in people, whether it’s the addict currently struggling, or the mother watching them self-destruct, we have been those people. It is our mission to give them hope they’re yearning for right now, and we need your help to do it.

I will start with my own “Addiction Chronicle” which you can read by clicking this link.